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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone The Village of Shin more
How to Start Speak to Qho Augren in The Village of Shin on the Isle of Mara at ( -35, 11, -109 ) /waypoint -35, 11, -109
Preceded by:
A Gathering Obsession, Final Errand
Followed by:

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  1. Qho Augren in the Village of Shin has asked me to gather some harvests for him to study. (These resources are harvested in the Odus zones)
    • Gather 50 sumac
    • Gather 50 kejekan palmfruit
    • Gather 50 lapsang tea leaf
    • Mine 50 amber
    • Mine 50 quicksilver clusters
    • Gather 50 bamboo shoots
    • Gather 50 Marr cherries
    • Fish up 50 giant octopus meat
    • Fish up 50 seahorse roe
    • Gather 50 caynar nuts
    • Gather 50 mottled pelts
    • Gather 50 titianium ore
  2. Bring the harvests back to Qho Augren.
  3. Good news! Qho's gotten permission to leave the village. But you'd better talk to his mother Lian Augren first, who is next to him in a little hut with a pack pony.
  4. Apparently you've volunteered to take Qho to Great Divide and Thurgadin. Hail Qho.
  5. Hail Qho and he will follow you. Take Qho to Fina's Retreat in Great Divide to harvest flowers.
    • Pick a Windswept Frostflower from the ridge around ( -1300, -511, -2124 ) /waypoint -1300, -511, -2124.
      • (Note: If you loose Qho during any of thees steps you can go back to Lian Augren and tell her you can't find him.)
  6. Hail Qho.
  7. Take Qho to Remembrance Park in Thurgadin, City of the Coldain ( 550, -288, 460 ) /waypoint 550, -288, 460
  8. Hail Qho after you get the Remembrance Park update.
  9. Take Qho to the Goahmari Village.
    • If you've already been there you can take the griffin; otherwise, head for the city exit labeled "The Great Divide- Dain's Last Stand" at ( 673, -246, 56 ) /waypoint 673, -246, 56 and head southeast to ( 351, -15, 533 ) /waypoint 351, -15, 533.
  10. Harvest a Goahmari Herb.
  11. Hail Qho.
  12. Go back to Thurgadin. See Merchant Hagus at ( 338, -292, 245 ) /waypoint 338, -292, 245 (at the front of Icewell Keep).
  13. Hail Qho.
  14. Take Qho back to the his mother on the Isle of Mara. Hail Lian Augren.


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