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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Rise of Kunark TMS
Level Range 80+
Zone in from Kunzar Jungle
Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo-Group
Failure Lockout failure lockout needed!
Success Lockout success lockout needed!
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


  • Entrance is under the north bridge of City of Mist in Kunzar Jungle, just above the waterline ( -232, 125, -1006 ) /waypoint -232, 125, -1006.
  • This zone is strictly associated with the Rise of Kunark Raid Flagging Timeline. The first quest requiring access to the instance is The Fate of Norrath.
  • The door to this instance appears only when you have a quest step requiring access. Once you have finished the step and zone out, the door vanishes until the next time you need it.

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