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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tower of Frozen Shadow: Haunt of Syl'Tor  (AA)
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tower of Frozen Shadow: Haunt of Syl'Tor more
How to Start Automatically offered when the floor is flipped upside down

What does this information mean?


  1. In the upside down version of the zone, in the room with the chest in it, stand directly under the book on the ceiling and click it for an update
  2. Click the wall with the mirror on it at the end of the upside down area to open a secret door to Necretia Widowmaker


Update is in the upside down version in the second room. Go past the room with the piano and into the next room. Go into the middle and look up. The update will be on a table on the ceiling. You are looking for a book. Next step afte this is to kill the named spider.

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