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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tower of Frozen Shadow
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls more
How to Start click gift box on 5th floor of Umbrall Halls ( 44, 358, -128 ) /waypoint 43.51, 358.40, -128.11
part of: Tower of Frozen Shadow Timeline
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  1. Find the following items:
  2. Return to the chapel and observe the events.
    1. Kill the jester by the children and the phantasmal conductor by the choir. This will make the wedding party active.
    2. Kill the four members of the wedding party (all named and linked). All but one will have stoneskin; focus damage on the other. At certain intervals small adds of necromantic meat will spawn; kill that to remove the stoneskin on the next named.
    3. At this point, the High Priest will be active. As soon as he is engaged, Dizinna the Lulled will start ambling down the aisle to join him in the battle. While fighting Dizinna, you can Flourish with the choir at ( 61, 352, -32 ) /waypoint 60.76, 351.67, -31.93 Type /Flourish to conduct the choir and stop her from regenerating her health. Near the end of the fight, you'll need to move to the children and /dance. This will decrease her healing again.
  3. Tserrina and Mayong will appear and talk. Then Manifestation of Tserrina's Rage will appear. You must defeat her and her bridesmaids to update the quest.


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