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Escrow SystemEdit

Guild Hall

Freeport T3 Guild Hall

The Escrow System is how guild members donate money and status to the upkeep of the guild hall and its Amenities.

  • Players can deposit any amount of coin or personal status through the Housing Window by right clicking on the Guild Hall Door and selecting the "Deposit" tab.
  • Once deposited, NO WITHDRAWALS may be made, contributions become property of the guild.
  • Guild hall upkeep is deducted from escrow (if possible), otherwise it is deducted from the player pushing the "pay upkeep" button.
  • Amenities are purchased using escrow deposits and funds.
  • Player housing items DO NOT contribute to status reduction.
  • When moving to a larger Guild Hall, any escrow that was in your guild hall prior to the move will be applied to the new hall; however, any pre-paid upkeep will be lost in the move
  • It is uncertain if Escrow funds may be used to purchase a new Guild Hall upgrade (T3 to T4), therefore Guild Leaders should consider having adaquate amounts of currency in the guild bank to draw on should the need arise.

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