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Guild Cloak

Guild CloakEdit

Display InstructionsEdit

To display the guild cloak or "guild heraldry"

  • Equip any "non-specialized" cloak in the APPEARANCE CLOAK slot
  • Open the Character screen (press "U" on the keyboard)
  • Select the "Options" tab on the Character screen
  • Under the "Graphics" section, make sure the "Display Guild Heraldry" box is checked (if it's not checked then check it)

If this design is not displayed, you may need to change out the appearance cloak you have equipped for a different non-specialized cloak.

Acceptable CloaksEdit

Name Level
Drape of the Echolis
Martial Gabradine Cloak
Exquisite Shawl
Traveler's Cloak
Adept Stalker's Cloak
Darklight Stalker's Cloak
Lucanic Stalker's Cloak 10
Novice Defender's Worn Cloak 10
Darklight Healer's Cloak 10
Desert Healer's Cloak 40
Cloudy Broadcloth Traveler's Cloak 30

Unacceptable CloaksEdit

Name Level
Green Journeyman's Cloak
Tinkering cloaks such as: Ruthenium Clockwork Drape
Kaladium Stone Stout Cloak

Cloak DesignerEdit

Here's the tool we used to help us create the heraldry

To use "CLOAK DESIGNER" CLICK HERE This link will take you to a website which has a usable cloak designer program. There are NO DOWNLOADS necessary to use the cloak designer feature of that site, Please read the "Off-Site" notice regarding URL links in the footer below if you are concerned about visiting any off-site websites. Thanks!


If you aren't able to display the guild heraldry after completing the above steps, try these tips:

  1. Make sure you've equipped a Confirmed Cloak
  2. Check to see if you've restricted the use of your "illusion form". Places to check would be
    1. Character Creation Screen
    2. Character Screen
  3. If all else files, submit a /petition for in-game support

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