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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Shattered Lands BSV
Level Range 17-21
Zone in from The Commonlands
Parent Zone Bloodskull Valley
Required Quest The Training Grounds
Difficulty Group
Failure Lockout None
Success Lockout None
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?

This version of the Bloodskull Valley instance is a fairly straightforward kill-'em-all zone. There are a handful of named monsters that provide AA points and unremarkable loot, another handful of single ^^^ heroic mobs, and a generous supply of groups of four and five monsters. See below for an overview of things you can trigger during your tour of the area.


There are no quests to start inside the zone, no discovery points, no special loot items, no harvest nodes, and no collectible (shiny) or page nodes. There are no monster respawns in the zone.

The zone can only be accessed if you (or someone with you if you are grouped) currently has the quest The Training Grounds. Since that quest completes when you zone in and is not repeatable, you can only enter this zone once on your own.

While the difficulty level of this zone is "Group", a well-geared player may find that the only substantial challenge at is near the back of the zone, dealing with Ukgry the Trainer.

Events and Triggers Edit

There are three places in the zone where your actions can spawn new monsters to kill.


Near the entrance, there are two non-attackable Bloodskull grunts sparring at approximately (0,-48,900). They are surrounded by three groups of Bloodskull soldiers. Killing all three groups of those soldiers will replace the grunts with two 17^^ ungrouped mobs that attack you.

At the north end of the zone, you'll find a little, round arena at (160,-48,770) containing three |Bloodskull war elephant juveniles fighting with each other, and three non-attackable named orcs egging on the elephants from little overhead platforms. Each time you kill an elephant, one of the orcs (Mirak Thern, Taurook Thump and Gruktarn Redfist) will become attackable and aggro, and will engage you no matter how far away you're standing from the arena when the elephant dies.

At the northwest end, you'll find three white tents with a group of placeholder orcs. Kill this group to immediately spawn Ukgry the Trainer and his four helpers, which will also auto-aggro you like the arena. (note: soloed this first time in here and this Ukgry did not give AA; did not notice if there was a star or not)

At the top of the two towers there are "a Bloodskull Mahut caller", level 18^^^. Both give AA.

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