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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Heritage  (AA)
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tower of Frozen Shadow: Shadowed Corridors more
How to Start Examine book at ( -85, 75, -100 ) /waypoint -85, 75, -100
part of: Heritage Quests Timeline
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  1. Speak to Marian Cross at ( -75, 49, 78 ) /waypoint -75, 49, 78
  2. Speak to Marian Cross again at ( -75, 49, 78 ) /waypoint -75, 49, 78
  3. Speak to J.G. Hill at ( 74, 71, -116 ) /waypoint 74, 71, -116 on the second floor.
    • Tell her that the authors initials are "C.O." She will ask you to defeat 7 disruptive students around ( 70, 40, 40 ) /waypoint 70, 40, 40 on the second floor. This is a timed event with a 10 minute limit
  4. Recover Aged Scrolls
    1. I must recover the Sealed Aged Scroll from the first floor (when you get into the room in SE a ^^ mob spawns. kill it to spawn a ^^^^named which drops the chest with the scroll)
    2. I must recover the Sealed Ancient Scroll from the second floor
    3. I must recover the Sealed Bloodstained from the third floor by completing the quest Besought Baubles.
    4. I must recover the Sealed Dusty scroll from the fourth floor (dropped by Amontehepna at ( 26, 267, -64 ) /waypoint 26, 267, -64 on the 4th floor. Click on the 3 vases and kill the mobs that pop and click on the coffin at ( 26, 267, -64 ) /waypoint 26, 267, -64 (under the floor) to get Amontehepna to spawn.)
    5. I must recover the Sealed Moldy Scroll from the fifth floor
    6. I must recover the Sealed Timeworn Scroll from the sixth floor
    7. I must return to Marian Cross at ( -75, 49, 78 ). She deciphers the book for you and gives you excerpts of each chapter.
  5. Marian suggests that I meet with the author to finish the final chapter. The author is Cara Omica, the final named on the fifth floor (A Bride's Scorn). Once you kill her, her spirit will appear, updating the quest.
  6. Return to Marian Cross to finish the quest.


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