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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Great Divide
Journal Level 88 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Great Divide more
How to Start Speak with Rox or Yue
part of: Great Divide Timeline
Preceded by:
To the Rhythm of Our World
Followed by:
The End of an Era

What does this information mean?


  1. Speak with Nipik
  2. Search for Osh in the waters west of Fina's Retreat
    • Osh is in a sunken boat at ( -1140, -544, -2665 ) /waypoint -1140, -544, -2665
  3. Kill the Undead (a destructive ice shade, 87v, and 2 a destructive shadowbone skeleton, 87vv)
  4. Kill the a great bone lich, 87^
  5. Speak with Osh
  6. You have 3 minutes to lead Osh back to Nipik at Fina's Shrine. If you get too far from Osh you may leave him behind. If you don't get Osh back to Nipik in 3 minutes, you must go back to the sunken boat and speak with him again.
  7. Speak with Nipik
  8. Watch the ceremony.
  9. Speak with Osh.
  10. Find Nipik at ( -1632, -502, -2275 ) /waypoint -1632, -502, -2275 and speak with him again.
  11. Pick up the weapon Nipik dropped.



  • As of March 2011, Nipik's Cane is the only weapon reward for this quest, and it is only usable by Priests. For the quest with a weapon reward for any class, see Preparing Oneself.
    • Nipik's Cane can now be mounted, and turned into the house item Nipik's Staff

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