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Journal Category Miscellaneous
Journal Level 1 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Examine A Frosty Egg

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Starting the QuestEdit

This quest does not have a single starting zone. It begins by examining A Frosty Egg, which is obtained by claiming the "Destiny of Velious Digital CE: Stormfeather Brood Guardian."


Although you can claim and examine the egg at level 1, you must be level 86 to complete the quest series that starts with Border Defense in Goahmari Village. That quest series gains you enough faction to build the trust of the Goahmari gryphon expert Kezu, who will teach you more about your egg and its care.


  1. Speak with gryphon trainer Elize Flannagan at ( 623, 4, -234 ) /waypoint 623, 4, -234 next to the Thundermist Village griffon tower in The Thundering Steppes
  2. Speak with the goahmari gryphon expert Kezu at ( 366, -14, 477 ) /waypoint 366, -14, 477 in Goahmari Village in the Great Divide. He will take the egg away from your for safe keeping.
  3. If you have not already done so, complete the series of quests in the village that begin with Border Defense to gain the trust of Kezu.
  4. Complete the quest Wing Wranglin' to learn how to fly.
  5. Use the Stormfeather's Pride Griffawn Feather to summon your griffawn
  6. Grow your griffawn by completing each of the following quests several times, keeping in mind that each quest can only be completed once every 18 hours:
  7. If you have purchased the collector's edition of DoV, return to Kezu; otherwise the quest will update automatically on your last training session and give you your choice of rewards.


A choice of:

And if you purchased the collector's, you also can choose:

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